Feel free to build, use pieces of, and tell others about our projects

DTMF Decoder 2

The DTMF Decoder 2 will decode dtmf tones from a telephone line and other audio sources. The decoded tones are displayed on an 16x2 lcd screen.


This project explains how to build an interface to connect your PC to Microplex dimmer boxes. The Microplex (MPX) project consists of the interface and supporting software. The total cost for the interface is around $65 CAN.


The Windmeter is an anemometer designed to measure and record wind speed distribution from 0 to 17+ meters per second. Data is logged monthly and saved for 11 months. The data can be retrieved with a laptop computer one or more times per year. Solar power allows operation in remote areas. The Windmeter should cost you under $300 Can. to make.

AVR Peripheral Drivers

The AVR peripheral drivers are free, open source drivers for embedded designers / hobbyists to use on all their AVR projects. The drivers have been written for the ATmega128, but can easily be ported to most of the AVR family, specifically easy to the MegaAVR family. Most of the Infidigm projects that use AVR micro's will use these drivers or variations of them.

Simple printf for Atmel Sam microcontrollers

This is a simple DMA based UART driver for debugging on Atmel SAM series microcontrollers. It includes functions for printing decimal, hexadecimal and strings